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Shallows by NukeRooster Shallows :iconnukerooster:NukeRooster 3,182 69
This is my disguise, my failing fear. The stars decry: the empire falls, and here I stand, asleep, watching from the windows of the once proud palace as the sky alights and everything, everything crumbles.
You asked the gods for destruction while the pillars of our worst sins became permanent, built upon the evils we watched but didn't stop.
The stars decry: the empire falls, and we to blame.
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 8 9
my brother (ii)
romanticize my brother.
love him 
until he speaks loudly
and he pushes
back against the grain.
cling to his words
until he runs out of them
and his lips sew close.
let him be until
he is all that he can be.
romanticize my brother.
realize he is beautiful,
actualize that he is beautiful.
and tell him he is beautiful.
normalize his beauty.
honor his quiet loyalty
the way you admire
loud exertions.
intake his births
and spindle the newborns.
love my brother.
for my brother.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 8 0
my brother (i)
romanticize my brother.
love him
until his eyes crease
and he pushes 
the rest away.
listen to him
until his voice cracks
and his fists shake.
hold him until
he falls back.
romanticize my brother.
realize he is beautiful,
actualize that he is beautiful.
and tell him he is beautiful.
normalize his beauty.
honor his wide hands
the way you admire
slender bones.
drink his sounds in
and quench his thirst.
love my brother.
for my brother.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 10 0
a weakness for acoustics
but you never started your sentences like that,
  thinking that we were not so much empty as devoid, a secondary theory
to the primary mode -
   and this is true.:
            "the sun doesn't rise. the sun doesn't set.
        the sky falls and we - we watched it."
   a pyramid on my skin, built by cranes and caterpillars,
           left like you on the sidewalk, back turned
      red coat still swinging -
  the sun doesn't rise. the sun -
        is just as empty.
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 6 0
binary machine
there is a heart in my machine,
not interred inside the entryways,
   but in it's fields -
  they said quantum won't become us, won't
       betray us, but I am binary-wrought and empty,
     simulations inside simulations that recall
            that I am man,
                  and I wander;
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 7 0
the world
does not
but it
it does not
reward cruelty
but it
to the
without daring
or forward motion
you misalign
with the realities
and entropy
sets in.
the world does not
you must not
:iconantonfrost:antonfrost 11 7
we are dancing in the
rain, blood burning -
yearning for the
taste of sweet symphonies
yet undiscovered. we
are pioneers; cosmonauts
from the start so
no longer will we look
down at the dirt and
drown old graves in
tears. these
fly too slow
for dreamers, we
will ride on the
back of comets
into the depths
of our universe
and if you hear the
light singing even
as it vanishes into
black holes remember
the most beautiful
things are often blue
from sadness.
(there can be no light without darkness)
:iconxswan-songx:XSwan-SongX 36 5
Morning Sun by darkSoul4Life Morning Sun :icondarksoul4life:darkSoul4Life 350 36
caverns ending
an older god would say that this is a sinful repetition,
  an insecure admission of insecure discretion,
          impure, unendured. the sound of trepidations
  you left behind.
    there is an electronic sounding beep to accompany
 these computer-corrected voices
            singing to me. she thought I was carved into the side
      of a spaceship, front-ways, looking out into the void.
     a beauty in the nascent nihilism, nominalistically believing
       in the lie. we created meaning
          and without it
            we are empty.
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 12 0
The Thought Process to an, I
in the temple of Economy,
worth is sent through wires:
we sing hymns to avarice, sell thought
to our progeny
in praise of Infinity,
the void where Ideology eclipses
limitations of matter,
our belief in eternal existence—
its death is in the brain of Power
but not in his cells,
even atoms seek stability
and it makes me wonder
(but not often)— 
about Consciousness:
a radioactive responsibility and faith
splits the nuclei,
the books say,
you can be important and your life
a gift granted
by the Universe— 
each of us
suppressing our fear of forever,
looking at cracks in the shell
of Singularity.
progeny void our belief in Mortality:
death does not seek
Ideology, thought
splits the books
(but not often),
Existence eternal
Death splits responsibility,
a gift.
:iconmuscularteeth:muscularteeth 8 15
we hissed, our lungs torn
we could not see, we could not breathe;
lost longingly in eternal sleep
we reached for gallows
hung low in hallows
we could not hear, we could not wake
snatched up - our bones break
between clicking maws,
snow's aching jaws
wanderlust written in the dust,
our echoes bounce off forgotten must
moths slumber in our teeth
cavities; a burial wreath
:iconmatieucanadawilliams:MatieuCanadaWilliams 5 0
[GIFT 1/3] KaiserWolff by Inky-Rabbit [GIFT 1/3] KaiserWolff :iconinky-rabbit:Inky-Rabbit 3 4 [GIFT 2/3] KaiserWolff by Inky-Rabbit [GIFT 2/3] KaiserWolff :iconinky-rabbit:Inky-Rabbit 4 4 [GIFT 3/3] KaiserWolff by Inky-Rabbit [GIFT 3/3] KaiserWolff :iconinky-rabbit:Inky-Rabbit 1 5
rage, pallas, rage
frequency in vogue, for you, achilles says
 he wanted to be you, and she was silent -
  gossamer breath on silken sheets,
"so kiss me," and the blood runs across her lips.
   can you hear me now, trojan, screaming and
  thinking that your electrons are closer than they should be;
   bury me, carry me, bless me into this bed and grind
     her hips to dust.
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 10 10


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